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Plush toys making process

We making funny/surprise/happiness

From the concept and prototype, transform them into truly funny final pluh toys.

Most people think it's easy to make pluh toys. But behind the scenes, our internal process has more than a dozen main steps, hundreds of design details and actions. From the beginning to the delivery, you will find that we will work with passion to make every new toy the best we have ever had.

Please contact us for all details such as schedule, quantity and cost.

The main steps will be

1. Listen to customers

We learn from you, your ideas and your business. This lets us know what your goal is for plush toys.

What we want our customers to feel, and the lasting impact we want our toys to have on them.

We focus on this at all stages of design and production.

And at the beginning of these information accurately convey to the designer.

p.s. You can provide your idea/sketch/photo/design drawing/sample etc for preliminary communication.

2. Tentative program

We combine wisdom, ideas with our expertise in plush toy design and manufacturing.

Then we recommend custom plush toy concepts that solve your goals and challenges.

We think about all possible ways to maximize customers excitement and happiness.

A preliminary agreement was reached.

3. Design

With an approved concept we will complete the toy design.

We can sketch first.

Determine frame and color scheme.

Then enrich the design details.

Based on this, different manufacturing processes (such as embroidery or printing, etc.) are determined.

4. Prototyping

Prototyping is important and fun!
We will do it step by step according to your requirements until everyone is satisfied with the design & you approve the final prototype.

5. Production

We make the plush toys from a variety of materials. First we fabricate all individual parts, then finish (cutting, sew, print, etc), assemble and package.

Obsessive about quality we perform multiple QC tests & reviews, including independent third-party inspections.

6. Delivery

After the toys have been inspected for quality and packed in cartons, they’re loaded onto a truck/train/boat/plane on their journey to your warehouse.