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We make funny custom plush toys

We Make Funny
Custom Plush Toys

Fabric and style – oh that is I want!

We create plush stuffed toys that children's love

Only one goal – custom wonderful toys

Our plush are patterned and prototyped until perfect, and we don’t stop until the plushies look just right.

We’ll go through the fun plush design decisions to consider, along with Gravim’s perfectionist prototyping and manufacturing process for stuffed toys.

We hope you'll like what you see, and that you'll contact us for an estimate.

We can

Top 3 Q&A about custom plush toys!

1. The MOQ can Gravim work in?

For plush 15cm tall or larger, we can make as few as 3,000 plush. Mini plush less than 15cm tall are made in quantities or 5,000 or more, and if you can accept stock materials, we can handle small orders in the hundreds. We can also handle larger orders in the hundreds of thousands.

You can contact us for more info.

2. The Schedule of Creation to Delivery ?

Most custom plush toys take 45-60 days (FOB Shanghai) to design, sample, manufacture and delivery. For complex designs it can sometimes take more 1-3 weeks.

Faster schedules are possible, but additional rush costs may apply and some complex designs aren’t good candidates to be rushed. Contact us to discuss your schedule.

3. The Cost of Custom Plush Toys?

The cost depend on your plush character and the details presented of your plush.

Including but not limited to the following:

a. Character design and pattern complexity

b. Toy size

c. Chosen fabrics

d. Detailing (embroidery, printing, plastic parts, etc.)

e. Tags and packaging

f. Quantity

We can suggesting the right specifications for your budgets, without sacrificing on quality and super soft fabrics. Contact us for discuss your goals.

We can break the budget for stuffed plush toys into three parts:

1. Sample

We can make the free sample according your design or idea, then we can provide the photos of sample for your ref. You can pay our sample cost ($100-500 according your design)just you are satisfied with our first making sample. If you have any modification suggestions, we will modify them according to the requirements until we are finally satisfied.

2. Unit Pricing

As one point of reference, 25cm tall plush tend to be between $1.5 each and $4.5 each for an order of 3,000 plush. Mini plush tend to cost between $0.50 to $1.5 each for an order of 5,000 stuffed toys.

3. Shipping

Shipping costs are additional and depend on the size of the plush, the order quantity, and the destination. We’ll help with a freight estimate as we’re discussing your project, and we can provide the dimensions of packaging for your ref.

Contact us for get a sample of your design now!